What are the first dust collector precautions to check?

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dust collector precautions https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Dust-Collector-Precautions.html

dust collector precautions The flying mechanism is to use electric motor to drive the pain wheel, the connecting rod makes the cloth bag vibrate to remove dust from the surface of the filter bag. Its control installation is divided into two kinds: automatic control and manual control. Automatic control means that when the fan continues the task, the single-bag dust collector flying mechanism actively vibrates ash on time, the manual fan dust collector stops the active task of the flying mechanism, actively stops after tens of seconds, and can also start the dust cleaning motor at any time according to the demand, the length of cleaning time is adjusted by the user. Structure performance features: dust collector precautions, dust collector precautions is a small volume, dust removal air purification equipment. Suitable for a variety of vertical dust production points, flexible and convenient, local dust collection, local treatment, can be clean air. The basic structure is composed of dust removal box, centrifugal fan, filter bag (filter cartridge), dust collector and microcomputer controller, etc. The dust is sucked inside the dust collector box by the negative pressure of the fan through the dust suction pipe, and the coarse particle dust is initially filtered by the filter and directly dropped to the dust collector by the filter, and the fine dust is captured by the filter on the outer surface. Clean gas is filtered, decomposed and purified by the filter element into the clean room, and then discharged from the outlet by the fan.

When using dust collector precautions for the first time, check the following parts:

First, fan rotation direction, speed, bearing vibration and temperature.

Second, whether the treatment air volume and the pressure and temperature of each test point are consistent with the design.

Third, the installation of the filter bag, whether there is a drop bag, loose mouth, wear and other conditions after use, after operation can be visually measured chimney emissions to judge.

Fourth, pay attention to whether there is condensation in the bag room and whether the ash removal system is smooth. Prevent clogging and corrosion, serious ash accumulation will affect the production of the main engine.

Fifth, the cleaning cycle and cleaning time adjustment, this work is an important factor about the dust collection performance and operating conditions. If the cleaning time is too long, the attached dust layer will be cleared off, which will become the cause of leakage and damage of the filter bag. If the cleaning time is too short, the dust on the filter bag has not been cleared off, and the restoration of the filtration operation will make the resistance recover quickly and gradually focus on the clinical effect, affecting its use effect.

Install dust collector precautions after all installation works are completed, including stable insulation precautions. Remove the spray pipe before installing the dust collector precautions. When handling and storage, pay attention to prevent the bag dust collector from contacting and colliding with the surrounding hard objects and sharp corner objects, prohibit foot stamping, heavy pressure, so as to avoid damage. Installation environment requirements: The lighting on the installation site is sufficient. Do not store any equipment or debris unrelated to installation. In the process, smoking is prohibited, any form, any part of the welding and cutting work is prohibited, in the case of power failure, it is prohibited to use lighters, matches and other lighting, after the installation work to check the installation tools, so as to avoid missing into the bag dust collector damage bag dust collector. It is recommended to be installed by two people, one person folding the bag lengthwise into the flower plate holes, and the other person grabbing and opening the bag filter into rolls. The cage frame should be centered, gently placed, and installed to protect the vertical. After installing a bag dust collector, check whether the joint joint is sealed and whether the sealing position is correct. Check whether it is vertical from the ash hopper, if it is found that the bottom of the bag dust collector meets or is incorrect, it is necessary to make a record and adjust it in time under the guidance of technical personnel.

dust collector precautions belong to mechanical dithering dust collector, its basic structure is composed of three parts: fan, filter and dust collector, each part is installed in a vertical frame, steel plate housing, baking paint to prevent rust, easy to operate and use. Fan adopts centrifugal fan, large air volume, high wind pressure, and adopts noise reduction measures, low noise. The filter adopts flat cloth bag group, each cloth bag is equipped with spring steel wire mesh, the filtering effect is good. The flyaway mechanism uses the motor to drive the eccentric wheel and the connecting rod to make the cloth bag shake and stick to the dust on the surface of the filter bag. The dust collector is equipped with an access door for easy maintenance and bag changing.

dust collector precautions to store precautions away from fire sources, ensure stable performance, avoid direct light such as sunlight, and prevent heavy objects from crushing. Each bag dust collector should be inspected before installation to prevent mechanical damage. Installation personnel should be dressed in concise, clean pockets, can not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects, so as to avoid falling into the cloth bag dust collector. If the bag dust collector falls into the debris remove. Do not wear shoes with nails or hard soles for installation. The personnel who install the bag dust collector should be fixed, the position is fixed, the responsibility is clear, and each person should make a record of the bag dust collector installed by himself and sign the record book.

dust collector precautions https://www.kaisenfilter.com/Dust-Collector-Precautions.html