What are the factors related to the output of Paper packaging printing

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Common is kraft paper printing, which is the general printing content first identification, cutting, plate printing, pressing groove (complex structure indentation), nail (also sticky box), packaging warehouse

Paper packaging printing is called offset printing. This method is generally to print face paper, face paper and surface information on the machine after determining the content (there are many kinds of UV oil, infrared oil, light film or matte film, etc.). The material enterprise opens the material, fills the glue, indents, fills the nail or sticks the box, packages the product into the warehouse

For manufacturers engaged in carton customization work, the main job is to provide customers with carton products that meet their requirements. The number of carton products produced by custom manufacturers will be affected by many factors. However, if manufacturers want to have a good development, they still need to be able to produce more carton products. The following is a brief introduction to the carton production of carton manufacturers and what factors are related.

The first factor related to the volume of carton customization is: customer demand. Because of customer demand, manufacturers will do customized work. Customer needs in addition to the size and material of the carton, there are also requirements for the number of carton products. The number of carton products produced by the manufacturer depends on the number of carton products required by the customer. Therefore, custom manufacturers must understand the specific needs of customers before carrying out customization work.

The second factor related to the custom production of cartons is: the production capacity of the custom manufacturer itself. The stronger the production capacity, the faster the manufacturer produces carton products, the higher the efficiency, the more carton products the manufacturer produces.

These are some of the factors that have a lot to do with the customized output of cartons.

Paper packaging printing https://www.thpkgg.com/Packaging-and-Printing