Measures to ensure Fully Automatic CNC Machine machining accuracy

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Fully Automatic CNC Machine

With the development of electronic technology, Automatic information processing, data processing and the emergence of electronic computers, automation technology has brought a new concept, with digital signals to Fully Automatic CNC Machine movement and processing process control, promote the development of machine automation. Fully Automatic CNC Machine is a high-speed, high-precision and high-reliability Fully Automatic CNC Machine. Its spindle is a unit structure, and the variable frequency motor transmits the motion to the spindle through the multi-wedge belt, which can reach a higher speed. The workpiece is mounted with hydraulic chuck. Make the clamping more convenient and fast, higher precision, more labor-saving operation.

1, in order to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine tool, adjust the anchor bolt or shock absorber support during the installation process to ensure the level of the machine tool and avoid the distortion of the guide rail.

2, after the installation and commissioning is completed, should first check whether the rotating part is flexible, the electrical line is reliable, and then the test test, the test time is not more than 2 hours, confirm the normal before entering the trial processing.

3. After the machine tool is used for a period of time, the main shaft bearing will have a gap, and the user can adjust it according to the use speed. Too small clearance is easy to cause bearing heat; Excessive clearance will affect the accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece surface. By adjusting the lock nut of the front and rear bearings of the spindle, it is better to keep the bearing clearance at 0.006 mm.

4, the machine tool large, small drag plate are equipped with plug iron, after a period of use can be adjusted by adjusting the plug iron to adjust the gap between large and small drag plate, so that its operation is flexible, processing accuracy is not affected.

5, the sliding part of the machine tool must be fully lubricated, and the mechanical oil should be filled 2-4 times per shift (according to 8 hours), and the bearing oil should be replaced every 300-600 hours.

6, usually to do a good job of machine maintenance and cleaning work.

7, the machine should be carefully read the machine instruction manual before use.

Fully Automatic CNC Machine