surgical drains series introduction

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surgical drains series

surgical drains series, referred to as intelligent cabinet, is an intelligent management mode developed for the shortcomings of current medical materials management, mainly used for the management of high-value consumables and special drugs in hospitals.

The product uses the Internet of Things +RFID technology, organically combines intelligent identification, intelligent access, automatic control, automatic replenishment and other technologies, integrates RFID radio frequency identification technology into a series of process analysis of order management, internal claim, use tracking, intelligent management of various consumables or special drugs stored in the cabinet, and implements whole-process control internally. External implementation of medical materials traceability, medical materials to achieve unattended management, security management, intelligent management, accelerate the pace of medical information modernization management, through the Internet of things +RFID technology for various consumables or special drugs stored in the cabinet intelligent management.

surgical drains series